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  • A safe haven, a place to explore, heal, restore and thrive

    Why Magnolia?

    When I was young, we lived in a neighborhood that had a beautiful, old, huge magnolia tree right in the center of a large field. The playground was next to it. Most kids gravitated to the playground, but for some reason I was drawn to that tree. I apparently wasn’t the first, because someone before me had nailed boards all throughout it and made it into a makeshift “tree house.” (nothing fancy, I’m talking a few plywood sheets here and there, and most of them were even painted a dark green or brown to blend in). But by the time I lived there, whoever put the boards there was gone, because no one else ever seemed to use the tree but me (unless I brought them there of course). So I deemed it “my magnolia tree.” And I became an expert tree climber, if I might say so myself.

    A safe haven, a place to explore, heal, restore and thrive

    But this tree was much more to me than just a place to play and climb. My magnolia tree was my safe haven. It was where I went when I needed a place to be alone or to think, to cry, to imagine. I went there when I was angry, sad, or just needed a break. There is something very calming to me about nature, and my magnolia tree always helped me feel centered.

    That is what I want Magnolia Counseling Center to be for you. A place to feel safe, free to be yourself, and get re-centered. I want to provide a loving, open, judgement free environment that you can relax and re-discover how to be the best version of you. Regardless of what you’re struggling with, anxiety, depression, marital or relationship issues, parenting issues, low self-esteem, or you just feel stuck, I am here to ride that journey with you, and hopefully, help you through it.


    About Katie West

    As a military child, I was faced with the uncertainty of change more often than many people, and it pushed me to develop coping skills; some healthy, some not so healthy. Through my own counseling, I was able to discover the parts of me that I wanted to hold on to, the parts that developed those healthy skills.

    But it also allowed me to challenge the unhealthy parts of myself and learn to let go of them. I have come to realize, the one constant that has always gotten me through hard times, and will continue to, is hope. Hope for the future, hope for me, hope for others, hope that things can be different, that they can be better. And that has been an anchor in the storm of life. Life, just like the ocean, can be rough, smooth, blissful, or terrifying. But when we have something to anchor us down, we can survive. I love helping other people find their hope, their anchor.